We will attempt to include the most common questions people have in mind in our FAQ. Please note it is very tough to get answers from the government, but we will keep trying. Intact, we will go ahead and add questions for which we don't have answers, may be you can help us out! We would like to have answers for every city in Karnataka.
Q1. I am confused about SAS (Self - Assessment Scheme) to pay my property tax. Help!
Read all about SAS - Click here »
And the FAQ - Click here »
Govt clarifies that old rates will stay for 3 years - Click here »
Q2. Are there any telephone directory enquiry sites on the net?
Karnataka Telecom - Click here »
Bangalore Telecom - Click here »
Just Dial - Click here » for business numbers only.
Phone Kare 2222 2222 (for business numbers only)
Getit Yellow Pages - Click here » for business numbers only.
Mysore - Click here »
Dakshina Kannada Telecom is selling their telephone directory on a CDROM for Rs: 60.00 as of August 9,2001.
Q3. I am having problem with my telephone. Whom do I call?
Call the toll-free helpline 1959 (for DoT users in Karnataka only) between 10 AM and 6 PM.
Q4. How do I check my phone's meter reading?
Call the non-toll free number 1679 (for DoT only)
Q5. Where can I get STD/long distance codes in Karnataka?
See STD page - Click here »
We have included the inter state codes as calls within 200 kms in the state are treated as local calls.
Q6. Are there any private telephone operators in Karnataka today?
Bharti's Touchtel - Click here »
Reliance - Click here »
Tata Teleservices - Click here »
Q7. Can I contact the police on the web?
See Karnataka State Police site - Click here »
Try Bangalore City Police site - Click here »
Q8. What is ‘hotline alert system' in Bangalore?
You can get connected to the police control room instantly and alert them of any theft or emergency. Those interested must register by submitting a BSNL non-dedicated hotline facility application (available at BSNL customer care centers or offices of BSNL divisional engineers) to the deputy commissioner of police (crime), police commissioner's office, # 1, Infantry Road, Bangalore - 1 (Ph: 22200912).
The application, if approved, will be forwarded to BSNL, which will provide the facility free of cost. Those eligible include banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, jewelers and other business establishments with heavy turnover, senior citizens, and people staying in isolated areas or any other special group. To avail the facility, they should have a BSNL landline at home. How to operate: when a robber attacks, the subscriber has to take the phone receiver off the hook for a minimum of 20 seconds. The police control room will access the call through the caller identity and subscriber database and will send patrolling vehicles to the subscriber's place.
Q9. How do I complain to the police chief (Bangalore City police Commissioner) directly?
If you want to pass on some information about a crime or lodge a complaint against any high-handed police officer, call 22943400 or 22943399. The city police will hear what ever you say Commissioner himself and your identity will be kept a secret. These two dedicated telephone line have been set up with a view to promoting ‘complaint culture' among Bangaloreans.
Q10. I have a complaint about BMTC (Bus), where do I write to?
See BMTC website - Click here »
Q11. How do I find the status of my passport application?
See passport office website - Click here »
You can get and submit passport applications in post offices. Post offices charges Rs 100 to help you to fill the form. Also a separate branch of the passport office has been opened on his office premises in chitradurga (Dec 2004).
Q12. Where can I access the state budget?
See state budget site - Click here »
Q13. How do I report water supply problem?
Bangalore: See BWSSB site - Click here » or call 1916
Q14. How do I get a new water connection for my house?
See this document - Click here »
Q15. How do I get a new power connection for my house?
Power connection application form requires Application on form A - Click here »
Q16. I see a house/shop that has extended the building to the footpath. Where do I send my complaint?
Bangalore: call BCC at 080 22221188 - Click here »
Q17. Are there any 24-hour helpings?
In Bangalore you have Prahari, a helplines to attend and tackle emergencies through patrol vehicles. The squad will also deal with the health problems- prevention of garbage dumping into drains and open places, meat and chicken wastes, organic and inorganic wastes in parks and public places and also co-ordinate with the Pollution Control Board in reducing levels due to operation of public address system.
Control room : 2221188, 22123535, 22100031 / 32 / 34 / 35.
East zone: 25582247, 25583504.
West zone: 23361704, 23464111.
South zone: 26566365, 26566364.
Q18. Where do I report electricity / power problem?
Bangalore: Centralized Complaints 1917 (6 lines) / 12660/ 1-600-338-017
Other numbers: 22287118 / 2228119 / 22355180 / 9844244639 (Executive Engineer)
Send SMS to 9848237266 with the keyword HELP for further details. Complaints received here are provided with docket numbers. While lodging complaint the name, address, telephone number and nearby landmark with nature of complaints should be given. In case complaint not attended within two hours contact: 22252035.
Also you could contact, Manager Director, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM)
14/3, CFC Building, 4th floor, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore - 560 001

Click here for web site »
Ph: 080 2227 6366, Email:
Q19. There are many cows/dogs on the road. Where do I send my complaint?
Holy cow! For a change a government office in Karnataka gave us a pleasant shock. We were checking with them for information about how to avoid street cows and stray dog menace. They were king enough to inform that Bangalore is forefront in addreeeing this issue by adopting WHO recommended Animal Birth Control / Anti Rabies Vaccination (ABC/ARV) programme to rapidly reduce street dog population, reduce dog bite and prevent spread of rabies. They also provided these telephone numbers for you to register complaints. Now citizens, sorry neitzens can start cracking. Try it and let us know if it worked for you. For more information on why there are stray dogs on the street visit -
Click here »
For street cow menace: 22277789
For stray dogs menace:
2571 1036 (east zone) - CUPA
2672 4036 (south zone) - ARF
2341 1181 (west zone) - SPCA
Any other complaints to BCC call 2222 7822 - Click here »
For general queries: 2222 1188
Q20. Are there any dog bite treatment centers?
The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has set up 24-hour bite treatment centers at BMP Referral Hospital on H siddaiah road and at the ulsoor BMP Referral Hospital (only in Bangalore). Dr Susheela shekar has been appointed the nodal officer and can be contacted on phone 22291966 (office); 25280195 (residence) & 9844098127
Q21. How to get a dog licence?
Get the form from BCC Rs: 10.00 Click here »
Register your pet for Rs: 50.00
Vaccinate your pet for Rs 50.00
Please help the government by registering your pet.
Q22. Where do I find info about registering my property (site/apartment etc.)?
See inspector general of Registration & Commissioner of Stamps Site. - Click here »
For the sale of houses, plots
Stamp Duty: 8% of market value of property-8%
Additional stamp Duty under 3B of the stamp act: 5% of stamp duty - 0.4%
Additional stamp Duty: 2% of market value of property (Payable to city Corporation.3% if locatated within taluk Panchayat)-1%
Grand total stamp duty payable: 9.56%
For the sale of flats / apartments the stamp duty is based on the value of the property.
Upto Rs 3,00,000: 2%
Rs 3,00,000-Rs 5,00,000:Rs 6,000 +3% on amount over Rs 3,00,000
Rs 5,00,000-Rs 1,00,000 and above: Rs 12,000 +6% on amount over Rs 5,00,000
Rs 1,00,000 and above: Rs 42,000 +8% on amount over Rs 1,00,000
Additional stamp duty: 5% of stamp duty; 2% to city corporation, 2% registration fee.
Welcome to Karnataka. See our bribe rate card - Click here »
The government has done a tremendous job in educating the public. Unfortunately very few know about these sites. See stamp IT and Appeal from the govt - Click here »
Q23. We don't have garbage collection service in our locality.
          How do I get the government to start one in my area?
The govt has taken active steps in Bangalore to clean up the mess. However, we strongly feel the citizens need to take more interest instead of blaming the govt for everything.
See swachha Bangalore web site - Click here »
Their helpline number is 98450 24365 (the number translates to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Q24. What is shuchi Mitra? How can I help their cause?
Shuchi Mitra a civic minded citizen, who volunteers to devote time to take on the responsibility of partnering with the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) to ensure cleanliness of his / her locality and monitor local conditions. The BMP requires Shuchi Mitras in many areas. Please call 22122608 / 22122609 / 22122610. Commendable effort; we hope citizens will support this group - Click here »
Q25. How do I contact any of the BMP service centers? And what are the prescribed fees for their service?
The centers are available at:
Head offices : 22975500, 22975583
Jayanagar : 22975700
Public Utility Building : 22975800
Maleswaram : 22975600
Q26. Are there any consumer forums? Can I write to the media about the complaints I have?
Please see the list of resident welfare associations in Bangalore - Click here »
Consumer disputes Redressal forum, Avery Bhavan, K.G.Road, Bangalore - 560 001
(Phone: 91-080-22211137)
Civic watch, C/O Deccan Herald, No 75,M G Road, Bangalore-560001
Janaagraha , 198 Nanidurga Road, Bangalore - 560 046. -
Click here »
Ph: 23542381 / 82, Fax: 23542966. E-mail:
(civic amenities movement). Also see Yahoo Groups - Click here »
Q27. Is smoking banned in public places in Karnataka?
On August 3,2001 “the Karnataka Prohibition of smoking and Protection of Health of Non-Smokers Bill, 2001” was passed in the legislative council. The bill is aimed at protecting the non-smoking public in the hazards of passive smoking, and prohibiting smoking in a few selected places, auditorium, hospitals, health insitituions, amusement centers, restaurants, court buildings, educational institutions, libraries and places of worship. It also discourages promotion of smoking through advertisements.
Q28. Can I book railway tickets on the Internet?
In Karnataka, the service is available only in Bangalore.See the railways ecom site -
Click here »
Q29. Is there a railway enquiry call center in Karnataka?
Call 139 from anywhere in Karnataka for train related dialing 139 and PNR number without a break, a caller can obtain PNR status directly without going through various prompts. Similarly, for berth availability in a train, one can dial 139,train number, date and month of journey. For example, by dialing 13926272811,they can get the berth availability on Karnataka express (train no 2627), on Nov 28th
Q30. Where can I get the maps of Karnataka on the Internet?
See Maps of India - Click here »
Q31. Do you have the flag of Karnataka state?
Q32. I am a foreigner visiting Karnataka, where can I get info about immigration?
See Bangalore city Police - Click here »
Q33. Can I apply for visa for any of the foreign countries in Bangalore?
You can apply for UK visa at: 304, Prestige center point, 7th Edward road
(Cunningham road), Bangalore - 560 052. E-mail:
Q34. We have heard of some driving manual written by an NRI. where can I get a copy of it?
You must be talking about the one written by Rajeev is an excellent contribution to the society. To read the entire document - Click here »
Q35. Where can I apply for birth/marriage/death certificate?
Chief registrar of birth, deaths and marriages, directorate of economics and statistics, M.S Building, B.R Ambedkar road, bangalore-560001, call+91-08-22253758/22863025.
Also see other offices in Karnataka -
Click here »
Q36. Where can I complain about illegal felling of trees?
A telephone helpline to report illegal tree felling and vandalism has been set up by the environment support group in Bangalore: call 26534364.
Q37. Where can I apply for the new PAN card?
Personal account number (PAN) is issued by the friendly income Tax Department . It includes the addresses of the offices in Karnataka from which you can get the new PAN card - Click here »
Q38. How do I contact the BDA engineers in Bangalore?
Airport road flyover : ramaswamy, 98456 30117
Jayadeva-dairy circle flyover : guruprasad, 98456 30115
HSR complex : lakshmipathy, 98456 30116
Bangalore east : shashidhar, 98456 30157s
Bangalore north : ravindra reddy, 98456 30111
Bangalore south : Shiva murthy, 98456 30112